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TagWorksEndurance Collection Personalized Bone ID Tag
Get your precious pets back immediately with Pet Tags!s4u

TagYourPets.com is a service of Wemetcard Inc. and Owner Contact Service, and is FREE to try for 30 days! Anyone who has found your lost pet and sees the special coded Tag, can come to tagyourpets.com and perform a pet owner search by putting your Owner Contact Code into the search field below. If the finder does not have immediate online access, they can also call our Toll Free number, also on the Tag, and our live System Operator will then enter your code online to obtain your contact information, and call you directly. Our automated system also enables you to be contacted via email by the finder or the operator and your personal email address remains private at all times.

When ordering your custom Pet Tags, simply put "TagYourPets.com", your Key Tag Owner Contact Code and our Toll Free number on your Pet Tags. Click here to see sample. You may also put QuickFind Tags on your pet tags. Click here for more information and to order "QuickFind Tags".
LT - 090909 - 120240 Feel Good

TagWorksEndurance Collection Personalized Bone ID Tag














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In addition to getting back lost pets, Wemetcard Members also have access to the entire Wemetcard Contact Services System which enables you to get back lost cell phones, keys, wallets, ipods, laptops, cameras and other items you own. You also get FREE Cell Phone Deductible Coverage (We pay 100% of your deductible if your phone becomes irretrievable, stolen or damaged), Member Only discount shopping, your own blog page, the ability to upload photos and videos, post and search classifieds and many other Premium Member benefits!
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